About Us

Barbour One 9, Inc. (“B19 Entertainment”) is a full service talent management and production company. B19 is located in New York and Virginia with clients worldwide.  

Our Mission is to provide personal attention to the professional development and management of our clients and help them develop a winning plan tailored to their needs. Our performance is grounded in integrity and loyalty to our clients. We take pride in working with talented artists who want to promote their own development. We focus on connecting the unknown or little-known artist with decision makers in their field and share the excitement of our clients’ major breakthroughs.

We have a well rounded staff with a wide background of industry experience including management, production, artist development and branding. In areas of casting, print, theatrical, video, music, sports, social media, and film, which allow us to have unique insights into the industry. Our staff cares about our clients as people first, and this creates a nurturing atmosphere that is both successful and enjoyable.

B19’s team is a comprehensive network of professionals ready to ensure success. We believe that talent is not something that is simply discovered – it requires hard work, vision, cultivation, dedication, and the personalized attention we provide.  We strive to secure the most lucrative jobs for our clients in the entertainment industry including the boxing world.  Our daily commitment is to ensure that our clients achieve their professional and personal goals.

For bookings, representation or general inquiries, please fill out our contact form and we will contact you shortly.